about me

Currently a senior in graphic design with a minor in computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I mainly focus on UI/UX design and do some branding design on the side. I have a love for piano, pixelated video games, and matcha flavored anything. One day I hope to own a cat. Here's my resume. Follow me on .

Inspirations that keep me going:
Design Details The Year of the Looking Glass Game Maker's Tool Kit Spectrum Every Frame a Painting High Resolution Interface Lovers
my work

Angie's List Business

inVision Prototype

UX Design Intern (2016)

At Angie's List, I worked with a team of product managers, designers and design researchers to design a mobile app for home contractors to track their work, contacts, and reviews they recieve. I created prototypes in inVision and conducted user testing with those prototypes.

Scott Pitkin

Doug Gainous

Libby Treinish



UI/UX Designer, Project Lead

Hypeb.us is a bus app with a personality that will spark up your average bus taking experience to another level. Enjoy the various phrases Hypeb.us can provide for you while finding your bus stop, finding your bus, and tracking where your bus currently is. Currently only works in Urbana and Champaign, Illinois.

Derek Leung (Full-stack)

The Colorless App


UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher

The Colorless is a community for those likeminded people who are into anime and video games to gather and share their interests. This mobile app is a condensed version of the website, allowing users to use The Colorless at ease. This mobile app was designed before the time of Discord.

Tuan Nguyen (Frontend)

Michael Manning (Backend)

Black-footed Ferret


Illustrator, Designer, Developer

Black-footed Ferret is a project to raise awareness among the younger audience about the endangerment of the black-footed ferret species through the web. With a storybook-like aesthetic, raising awareness for a younger audience may be more impactful for future generations.
i play piano

I play piano and compose sometimes during my free time.

Here are some recordings

i draw

I do side projects such as branding, illustrations, sometimes fan art.

Here's my dribbble

mostly frontend

I've done some frontend for Reconstruct and HackIllinois

I've recently started learning how to use React.js

Here's my github